How to mobilize employees to embrace bold changes (and not resist them)

Gain tools to lead transformations, inspire with persuasive communication, and engage all audience types.

Kevin Friesen

Kevin Friesen

Director of Academy Training

Have you ever had to announce a big change at your company? Perhaps one of the following:

  • A new product launch or initiative
  • Layoffs or offshoring plans
  • Budget cuts or a removal of employee benefits
  • A “pivot” midyear in your revenue forecasting
  • Data insights that you know will be met by hostile stakeholders
  • Updates on quarterly earnings reports to investors
  • The internal adoption or implementation of a new product or software

While these are just some examples, we can all recall a few workplace change management initiatives that have gone wrong. If you’ve ever been met with dissatisfied questions, opinions, or perhaps even outright resistance and rebellion, we have one tip for you: It probably had something to do with your change management communication.

In our next webinar, How to mobilize employees to embrace bold changes (and not resist them), we’re pulling a few pages from our award-winning workshop Illuminate™ where we will be sharing some of our timeless secrets on leading through change successfully.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to

  • Equip yourself and your leaders with the same communication tools that Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, and Martin Luther King, Jr. used to move people
  • Lay out a plan to help you lead people through the 5 stages of transformation
  • Harness the power of persuasive communication so you can turn your ideas into movements
  • Communicate with emotional polarity so you can speak to all audiences, both optimists and skeptics, in your organization

Who this webinar is for

  • C-suite leadership who speak to the company or press
  • Communications and Marketing departments
  • Operations and implementation teams
  • HR teams who announce staffing updates or workplace changes
  • Any role charged with unveiling a new strategy, initiative, or business plan

This will be a 30-minute webinar followed by 20 minutes of interactive Q&A.

Submit your tough change scenarios and questions when you register so our expert communication facilitators can help you navigate your upcoming change initiative well.


Kevin Friesen, Academy Training Director and Master Facilitator

For 13 years, Kevin has led over 800 workshops with over 200 brands across the world. As a Master Facilitator and Academy Training Director, he has taught thousands of individuals, and loves to help awaken natural talents, build confidence, and drive influence in speakers and communicators of all experience levels. He leads and trains the Duarte Facilitation Team of over 20 facilitators.

Neora Myrow, PhD, Senior Facilitator and Speaker Coach​

Dr. Neora Myrow specializes in working with executive top tier programs and top talent programs for the world’s most loved brands, and has a reputation for creating magical classroom experiences. Hollywood born, Neora’s career took her from script doctoring and story development, through to a doctorate in psychology, into ghost writing and consulting on the agency side, and ultimately into organizational teaching and development.

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