HOW Design Conference 2010: Early Bird Gets the Savings

By Paula Tesch

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It’s nearly summer, and that means the HOW Design Conference is coming! It’s not until June, but we wanted to give you a heads up, ’cause with this conference, it pays to be an early bird! And I mean literally. Register by tomorrow, April 15, and save $100!

And, HOW has allowed us to pass savings along to our readership:
Use the code ND10 to receive an additional $50 off.

As usual, there’s an amazing lineup of the best & brightest in the design community. View the full list of sessions here.

Among those experts will be our very own Nancy Duarte. Check out the description of her session below, and mark your calendar!

Visual Storytelling: Resonate and Activate Audiences

Tuesday, June 8: 9-10:15am

Presentations bring to mind bad design, cheesy graphics, and PowerPoint. But presentations can actually be the most powerful tool in the business world today.

Communication expert Nancy Duarte will help you overcome your inherent distaste for presentations and offer tips for boosting your powers of visual thinking. You’ll learn how to position your firm for the global economy by increasing your visual thinking skills, applying traditional design processes to presentations, and using stories to increase the effectiveness of your message.

Register by tomorrow, and use the code ND10, to save a total of $150!

Written by

Paula Tesch