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Almost everyone has to work in PowerPoint at some time in their career, but most of us haven’t received any formal training on the complex software, or basic visual design principles. This leads to lost time and increased frustration—which  is why we’re so excited to announce our newest training offering, the Slide Design Online Course. 

The Slide Design Online course will teach you the basics of using PowerPoint efficiently and effectively. Created and taught by Duarte’s own dynamite designers, we’ll show you the design principles we use to create presentations for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

This 90-minute course is made up of 23 easy-to-reference video modules, and a searchable reference guide that breaks down each step. It’s not only easy and convenient to use, but it’s just as easy to reference and replay when you need a reminder.

Using video modules, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the PowerPoint user interface for faster, more proficient work
  • Apply the Duarte S.P.A.C.E. design principles (Simplify, Plan, Arrange, Consistency, and Emphasis)
  • Setup and use grids for a polished look
  • Work with photos so they convey the right information and look great
  • Create custom icons that fit your brand or theme
  • Use animations and transitions with intention (so they’re not cheesy)
  • Work fast with keyboard shortcuts

We’ve perfected this learning material through in-person workshops with our corporate buyers. Now, it’s available as an online experience for individuals.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received so far:

“This was an amazing experience for me. The course was perfectly paced and covered a huge range of content. It satisfied my desire to perfect my PPT skills. While I recognize that I’ll need lots of practice, the guides will allow me to do that.” – Anonymous, Intuit

“This class gave me insights that I have never seen, and I am considered the PPT expert where I work—and now I really am!” – Robert Bradley, Sacramento Area Sewer District

“Excellent workshop that puts your PowerPoint slides way beyond the basics.” – Jeannie Clinkenbeard, Inside Out Innovation

“Great experience! We were able to cover a lot of useful basics, which I can now take back and apply to my work. The Duarte environment and approach to training concepts is amazing—I also enjoyed seeing Duarte PowerPoint examples, which are very inspiring” – Kristen Morse, Program Manager Consultant Specialist, Kaiser Permanente

“This workshop gives you the space to ask the simple questions, and walk through the harder elements, in order to build out better presentations; regardless of your current skill level.” – Katelin Zweifel-Korzuchin, Design Strategist, Intapp

“No matter how well you think you know PowerPoint, this class will level you up.” – Leslie Van Zee, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems

“Excellent insights about what makes a powerful presentation, together with practical tips.” – Jay Krishna, Sr. Technology Licensing Manager, VMware

“Attending classes at Duarte are fun, engaging and makes me want to do better at my job!” – Jenn Lieu, Communications + Community Manager, Ulupono Initiative

“You will not be disappointed in this class! I learned multiple new things I can immediately start using in PowerPoint to be more efficient in creating slides and more effective in conveying a message.” – Jacqueline Jett, Training Specialist, Edward Jones

“I have been familiar with Duarte as a leader in creating stunning presentations, and now I have experienced learning some of their techniques which will help to never look at a presentation the same way again! Suddenly, I’ve upped my game!” – Kathy Meyers, Principal Visual Designer, Varian Medical Systems

Learn to give your ideas the best chance of being heard and spread by signing up for the Slide Design online course today.

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