2022 Annual Trends Survey

State of Soft Skills and Learning & Development

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The year 2021 will be remembered for transformational change, as COVID-19 became endemic and millions of Americans quit their jobs in the Great Resignation. As we continue to move through the fourth industrial revolution, successful leaders are striving to ensure their organizations, people, and customers are positioned for success.

One way people are preparing for the future of work is through professional development. To better understand the learning and development landscape and the importance of soft skills heading into 2022, Duarte surveyed a worldwide audience (80% of whom identified as working in L&D).

As we venture through 2022, we found that communication is the top skill employees need, and a variety of other soft skills received high ratings of importance. As the future of work and corporate trainings shifts to hybrid modality, it is no surprise to see many organizations increase their L&D budgets. Maximizing those investments is necessary for individuals, teams, and organizations to navigate and lead through times of change.

This report provides insights and tips to aid in satisfying learner needs and fostering learning cultures.