Most of us are not trained designers, yet we create presentations every day. Effectively communicating your point using a visual medium isn’t always intuitive, and poor design can obscure your meaning. Thankfully, you can learn to think like a designer, and your audiences will thank you for it. This workshop will teach you how to isolate the most crucial information on your slide and express it visually.

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We host public workshops year-round in cities nationwide. You can be sure to find one at our HQ in Santa Clara, CA. But, if you’d rather have us over, we’re happy to send our facilitators to train your team at your location. We travel, so you don’t have to.

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Who Takes Slide:ology?

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Sales & Marketing

You create slides for prospects or key stakeholders. If you want them to really see what you’re offering, you can learn to use visual thinking to make an impact.


Insight, Analytics, Finance

Your teams need to make effective slides that display complex information clearly and persuasively. Learn the basics of presentation design so you can get your point across effectively.


Individual Contributors

If you use PowerPoint®, Keynote, or other presentation software, but often feel like your slides don’t look good or communicate clearly, we can help. This slide workshop will teach you a method for creating beautiful, compelling, and simple slides that get your ideas across well.

What You’ll Get

Price $990

You’ll Learn To:

  • Identify what a great slide looks like and what it achieves
  • Think like a designer when you approach a slide
  • Sketch out your ideas and concepts
  • Apply contrast, whitespace, and hierarchy
  • Design data slides to amplify key information
  • Use transitions and animations to enhance meaning

Decades of Research

We base our workshops on our best-selling books and on our experience working with thousands of clients over 30 years in the presentation business. Sign up for our slide workshop and presentation design course and learn how to stand out.

Our Clients

We can also bring these workshops to your location.
Explore a workshop, and contact us to learn more.

Questions & Answers

Have questions about what to expect at the Slide:ology workshop?

Do you offer this slide workshop for our team onsite at our company?

Yes! We’ll come to your office and teach your team to improve their presentation design. We always see increased confidence and better communication from people once they’ve completed the training.

What should I bring?

Yourself! To learn to be a visual thinker, you don’t need a computer. We’ll spend the day sketching ideas and creating a presentation without software. Don’t worry, the skills will translate, and you’ll feel confident in your approach the next time you’re at your computer.

Do I need to be a designer?

No! In fact, if you’re a trained designer we recommend you check out our Resonate course to help you apply storytelling methodology to your design.

Wait, this is a slide workshop, and it doesn’t involve slides?

That’s correct.

So if it's not about slides, what are we learning?

We’ll let you in on a big secret: the best presentations figure out what they are trying to say before the ever enter PowerPoint (or Keynote or Google Slides or anything else). They follow all the rules of presentation design and visual communication.

What are your cancellation and substitution policies?

Here’s everything you need to know about our Slide:ology public workshop cancellation policy.

How can I contact you with questions on public workshops?

Please drop us an email at contact@duarte.com or call us at 650-625-8200.

It’s so simple, but the concept of ‘what is’ versus ‘what could be’ has completely refocused the way I think when approaching any task that involves gaining support from others.”

Anonymous Brown & Caldwell

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