Adaptive Listening™ Virtual Workshop

Build trust and grow your professional influence

Learn how to transform the way you show up at work and inspire a better communication culture in your organization.

What You’ll Learn in Adaptive Listening™

What You’ll Learn in Adaptive Listening™
  • Fine-tune your Listening Radar™ to identify the speaker’s interaction goal and emotional need
  • Recognize the benefits and pitfalls of all Default Listening Styles™
  • Focus your Listening LENS™: Address the barriers that prevent you from listening with empathy
  • Adapt what you think, say, and show as a listener

Who Benefits From Adaptive Listening™?

Who Benefits From Adaptive Listening™? Who Benefits From Adaptive Listening™?

Listening is more than just “paying attention” or “not interrupting.”

In the Adaptive Listening™ virtual workshop, you’ll determine the speaker’s needs and goals, understand your own Default Listening Style™, and practice adapting the way you listen and respond.

Transform the way you show up at work to increase your sphere of influence

Become a more empathetic communication partner

Better address the goals and needs of those you work with

Inspire a better communication culture in your organization (and in your personal world, too!)

Adaptive Listening™ Virtual Workshop Quotes

What Learners Say

“Identifying and defining the listening styles was amazing. I’ve heard of other styles but none that made it easy to relate to both professionally and personally.”

Adaptive Listening™ Learner 2022

“I found the material profoundly impactful on a personal level, as in, I plan to utilize it immediately. It is actually going down as my favorite [workshop].”

Adaptive Listening™ Learner 2022

The Virtual Adaptive Listening™ Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this two-day live virtual workshop. You’ll do solo work, group work, and even collaborate in breakout rooms with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Through four weeks of post-workshop learning emails you’ll get the practice you need to cement your new skills.

Teaching + Demos

Led by your expert facilitator

Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including chats and annotations


Dedicated ​class time for individual reflection and improvement ​

Group Activities

Breakout sessions for attendee interaction and peer-to-peer practice​

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