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The Anatomy of a Skilled Speaker [Infographic]

Man speaking using pitch variety, story telling, and empathy

After 8 months of remote work, most of us have accepted virtual communication as our new reality. We’ve become more tolerant of distracting backgrounds, noisy environments, and awkward camera angles. We’ve trudged through company-wide meetings, marketing presentations, and digital events. And it hasn’t been easy. Kudos to all of us for making it this far!

But if what they say is true, and virtual communication isn’t going away, then merely accepting it and trudging through means you’re missing some big opportunities. Virtual communication is hard. Speakers must alter their content and delivery in ways that are different from in-person communication to establish credibility and audience connection. It requires whole-body and mind adjustments. Even the most experienced speakers have opportunities to improve.

Ask yourself if you’re making the most of this professional development opportunity. If the answer is no, Duarte speaker coaches can help. Communication is a journey, after all. And this journey has taken us all to new and challenging virtual territory. It’s time to go beyond just tolerating it. It’s time to take action and improve.

For help with your upcoming speaking opportunities, check out this infographic, The Anatomy of a Speaker. You can print it out and reference it before you’re scheduled to speak, whether virtually or in-person.

Anatomy of a Speaker Infographic

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Infographic and header image illustrated by Alexis Macias