Streamlining presentation development for ESPN

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Project background

ESPN Local needed a system for its sales team of more than 50 account executives to quickly create high-quality presentations. Duarte completed an audit of ESPN’s then-current presentation creation system and discovered that it lacked a template with a base set of common tools such as graphic elements, slide types, chart styles and color. The system Duarte created allowed users to properly stylize content to be easily added for baseline design creation. To better arm users, Duarte created a set of presentation guidelines to help users understand how to properly use the new template system. These clear instructions saved account executives’ time and freed them to tell visually compelling and highly customized stories rather than rely on text-heavy documentation.



The results

ESPN’s sales team gets a customized presentation system

Duarte’s system overhaul for ESPN Local streamlined presentation creation, providing a user-friendly template and guidelines that liberated sales account executives to craft visually compelling, tailored narratives, enhancing efficiency and storytelling quality.