Creating high-impact visuals for AWS

AWS banner
AWS banner with text " Hundreds of thousands of joint opportunities"

Project background

With a newly installed CEO, a return to in-person, and a signature event with thousands in the audience and millions viewing live online, AWS needed Re:Invent’s 2021 CEO keynote to make an impact. Given our history of working together, they knew Duarte could pull off what they were hoping to achieve: high impact visuals that deliver a strong message. The keynote slides we designed were both clear and inspiring. An added bonus? They were repurposed for marketing tools and sales enablement, an impact that extended well beyond the event stage.



The results

Boldly amplifying a CEO’s message

2021’s Re:Invent keynote informed and inspired with hero slides that told a story and made use of the ultra-wide screen in a simple, powerful way. Bold statements, customized icons, product announcements, marketechture, and mixed media visuals made for a deck that’s been used again and again.