RTI and Duarte: Setting the stage for a technology keynote

Project background

Tim Gabel, Executive Vice President at RTI International, teamed up with Duarte to prepare for his keynote presentation at the 50th Annual IFDTC Conference.Tim brought his subject matter expertise and passion for technology, and Duarte brought content experts, presentation designers, and delivery coaches to help him capture and motivate his audience. The result? A resounding presentation that received tons of praise.



The results

Inspiring excellence: A dynamic collaboration for an executive keynote

Duarte partnered with RTI, infusing their executive keynote at the International Field Director’s conference with inspiration and purpose. Through a collaborative process, we shaped an engaging storyline, seamlessly integrating visuals to amplify the narrative’s impact. RTI’s unique insights and Duarte’s creative approach not only elevated the presentation but left a lasting impression, garnering praise from the audience and showcasing the power of strategic collaboration for a meaningful and impactful keynote.