Transforming narratives: Teradata unleashes the power of data storytelling

Project background

Teradata and Duarte’s ongoing trusted partnership showcases the impactful fusion of data and storytelling. Collaborating on major projects like the Teradata Partners Conference, Duarte crafted compelling presentations with clear and concise messaging, impactful main-stage moments, and clever showroom visuals. This immersive experience, coupled with Duarte’s expertise, elevated Teradata’s narrative, engaging clients beyond presentations, ensuring a first-class result and empowering their employees to drive sales and customer engagement.



The results

Elevating narratives through data-driven storytelling

Duarte’s collaboration with Teradata extended beyond traditional storytelling, delivering a transformative solution. Through compelling presentations and innovative moment design, including an interactive pyramid at the Partners Conference, Duarte not only reinforced Teradata’s business strategy but created an immersive experience. This approach, combined with clear messaging and strategic visual design, not only engaged clients beyond presentations but also empowered Teradata to effectively communicate their core value proposition, drive sales, and captivate customers in an ongoing narrative of success.