Crafting moments that matter: PIRCH’s authentic retail experience

Industry type: Consumer goods

PIRCH’s digital evolution: Crafting a visual narrative to elevate the retail experience

For years, the PIRCH founders have been helping homeowners create moments that matter. But when they expanded their retail environment, they needed to tell their story on the digital screen in a retail environment. Duarte refined their message into a visual narrative on beautiful, customized touch screens that led customers through the store, informing them about PIRCH’s unique services and products and sparking their imaginations.


Duarte transformed PIRCH's retail experience by crafting a compelling visual narrative on customized touch screens. Guiding customers through the store, the refined messaging showcased PIRCH's unique services and products, fostering engagement, and sparking the imagination of homeowners, creating an immersive and informative retail environment.


  • Brand and product storytelling
  • Event support