Crafting a cohesive keynote for Slack: Duarte’s cinematic touch

Slack Frontiers banner
Slack Frontiers computer banner

Project background

Three speakers. Three completely different styles of working. One cohesive, cinematic presentation — that’s why Slack called on Duarte to help develop a keynote for their Slack Frontiers London conference. Slack faced an additional communication challenge, too: A recent acquisition by Salesforce, which required them to start integrating their messaging with Salesforce’s messaging. Fortunately, our longstanding partnership with Salesforce put us in the perfect position to help these brands coalesce. In a true collaborative effort, Slack executives worked one-on-one with our design experts to develop a presentation that would energize audiences around the world and cultivate confidence in the acquisition. Audiences walked away inspired by Slack’s Digital HQ and assured of the new state of the business.



The results

Bringing Slack’s minimalist brand to life

Although Slack’s original brand is minimalist in nature, our creative team brought their assets to life using purposeful, custom-built animations. We combined Keynote animations with outside tools like After Effects and collaborated with the Slack video team to create a kinetic presentation, adding visual momentum to the forward-focused messaging. And because it was a hybrid event, we created unique assets to optimize the experience for both in-person and broadcast audiences.