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The Trouble with Transitions, Episode 4

By Eric Albertson

We’ve gotten to know much about the secret lives of transitions in previous episodes (1 2 3).  Today we get to see a rare glimpse of that most insidious of all transitions: the Random Transition.  I mean, what’s better than tons of crazy transitions?  How about those crazy transitions showing up in random order at random speeds going random directions?  

While it is tempting to want to add a little “excitement” to your presentation, not knowing whether the next transition is a dizzying newsflash or a minute-long crawl from the bottom of the screen, may not generate the excitement that you are expecting.  So, take control of your presentations and make sure that the excitement you deliver is a result of your transformational message, rather than transitional mayhem. 

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Topics Covered

Business, PowerPoint, presentation, Video

Written by

Eric Albertson

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