Get ready to deliver: A deep-dive Q&A

Learn Duarte’s own methodology for delivery winning talks.

Topics Covered: Presentation delivery

Doug Neff

Senior Director, Accelerator Lab™

Train to captivate your audience

In this exclusive 45-minute webinar and Q&A, speaker coaches will share a series of techniques to help you deliver comfortably, dynamically, and empathetically. Learn how to up-level your content, simply by focusing on your delivery—a week, a day, and an hour before your presentation.

This isn’t your typical webinar about speaker coaching maxims (“Don’t say ‘um,” “Use your hands,” “Drink water beforehand.”) We will teach you Duarte’s own methodology and illustrate it for you using real client stories, meaningful metaphor, and humor.

Get ready to go deep. You’ll discover how to reach your core confidence, focus on your audience, and tap into why you’re the right person to give this talk.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Know your content so you remain calm, cool, and collected
  • Identify the moments you want your audience to remember
  • Ease your nerves by “walking the space”
  • Zero in on “wins” for your audience members
  • Find your power: physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Prepare to be the speaker you want to be

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