5 steps to start making presentations visually accessible

Get tips on making your presentations more inclusive. Move from 'We haven't tackled accessibility yet' to 'Let's start!'

Ryan Orcutt

Ryan Orcutt

Creative Director, Head of Design

Unlock inclusive presentations

In the world of accessibility, there’s a lot to keep in mind. While the goal is to move larger conversations toward more inclusive presentation best practices, we understand it can be daunting to start! We by no means want to be seen as experts in all things related to accessibility, but we do have a practical cheat sheet on where to start when it comes to slide design, presentation delivery, and how to make progress in the right direction.

The Duarte Method™ is rooted in empathy and audience-first principles, and this webinar will hone in on “Accessibility 101” to help you think about your presentation in a unique, audience-centric manner. We’ll cover 5 practical steps to help you include more of your audience in your presentations.

You’ll also learn

  • How to move from “We haven’t tackled accessibility yet” to “Let’s start!”
  • What presentation designers at Duarte try to keep in mind when building visual frameworks for our clients
  • How and when to ask yourself “Is this accessible?” while designing visuals

This webinar is given with a technology-agnostic approach. After watching the webinar, you’ll be prepared to start more inclusive presentation best practices, and to address accessibility and your unique technology needs at your organization.

This talk is followed by a Q&A.

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