Duarte 2022 L&D annual trends report

To better understand L&D priorities, Duarte surveyed a worldwide audience (80% of whom identified as working in L&D). View results and more in this report.

2021 marked a pivotal and unprecedented time as COVID-19 continued to influence the current and future workforce and millions walked away from their jobs. We surveyed L&D professionals worldwide and found that communication stood out as the skill to focus on. It was deemed more important now since COVID-19, and communication was rated as the number one skill for all employees to have. However, employees are struggling with communication proficiency and organizations are facing communication challenges, including online communication.

Our research showed that there is money to spend in L&D, but that most organizations still are not providing substantial opportunities for growth and regular employee learning—even though organizations that develop their people are more likely to survive and thrive during times of flux.

This report covers:

  • Top 3 power skills for common roles
  • The role of communication in learning and development
  • The power of learning and development
  • Delivering successful training

Maximizing investments is necessary for individuals, teams, and companies to navigate and lead through transformative times. This report provides insights and tips to aid in satisfying learner needs and fostering learning cultures that are purpose-built to withstand whatever comes next.

Download the 2022 L&D annual trends report