2021 research report

The state of communicating and presenting online

Topics covered
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Many organizations attempted a transition to online work during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health of staff and customers. While remote communication technology helped keep businesses open, many workers struggled with communicating and collaborating at a distance.

After 18 months in the “new normal,” it’s safe to say user experience lagged far behind adoption, leaving some members of the workforce fatigued and frustrated.

In May 2021, Duarte launched a survey of business professionals to understand how presenting and communicating in a virtual or hybrid environment can be improved. We compiled the results of that survey in this research report.
  • Types of online presentations
  • The rise of virtual presentations
  • How to improve virtual presentations
  • Mastering presentation content, technology, and delivery
  • Virtual audience engagement
  • Hybrid presentation skills & success stories

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