Duarte 2020 research report

This report explores how the role of communication has changed to meet the demands of the times, and how other L&D leaders are navigating a post-pandemic business world.

Our research uncovered that people overwhelmingly rated adaptability as the top soft skill needed in 2020. And it’s clear why. 2020 demanded that we move swiftly to change direction and withstand high levels of uncertainty.

We weren’t surprised to discover that 68% of survey respondents said communication skills are even more important since the COVID–19 pandemic, and that soft skills are very important to the daily performance of organizations.

Organizational health depends on the effectiveness of each role. Satisfying the soft skills demands of today and tomorrow will help fulfill individual career goals and ensure team and ultimately organizational success.

This report explores:

  • Organizational & industry responses to COVID-19
  • The values and benefits of communication during 2020
  • The top soft skills of 2020
  • Soft skills that are important to the daily performance of organizations
  • Preferred training methods
  • Important training factors, such as content & facilitators
  • Current and projected training budgets

Download the 2020 research report