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Michael Pollan, Live and Unplugged

By Paula Tesch

Michael Pollan
Photo by Mark Heaps

We recently worked with Michael Pollan to design a presentation for the Annual Pop!Tech Conference, ( and I have officially been transformed from appreciative fan to groupie.

He’s wicked smart, and a great communicator; and until his recent appearance at Pop!Tech, he had never delivered a presentation with slides. Scary, right? This approach keeps all the attention focused on his story, which means he’s gotta have a damn good story. (And he does.)

He’ll be speaking at several places next year, and giving the Sun Food Agenda presentation at least a few times. If you’re nearby, go check him out!  I might just see you there.

Speaking Schedule:

January 13, 2010; Pullman, WA. Washington State University.

January 14, 2010; Bellingham, WA. Western Washington University

January 20, 2010; Petaluma, CA Copperfield’s Bookstore at SEED Bank (199 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952) event for Food Rules

January 23, 2010; San Francisco, CA 10AM SF Ferry Building, Farmer’s Market event for Food Rules.

January 27, 2010; Campbell, CA. Silicon Valley Reads.

February 23, 2010; Decorah, IA. Luther College

February 25, 2010; Meadville, PA. Allegheny College

February 26, 2010; Bloomington, IN. Indiana University

February 27, 2010; Richmond, IN. Earlham College.

April 12, 2010; East Lansing, MI. Michigan State University

April 13, 2010; Baltimore, MD. Goucher College

April 14 & 15, 2010; Granville, Ohio. Denison University

April 22, 2010; Stockton, CA University of the Pacific

May 12, 2010; San Mateo, CA. College of San Mateo

Written by

Paula Tesch

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