Five Predictions for 2010

By Nancy Duarte

Last year was our first year for making predictions: I’m late to the party again this year, but I feel pretty excited about what 2010 will bring.

In the year 2010…

1. Presentations and social media will blur.

Audience and presenters will have 2-way communication. It won’t just be about the audience twittering to the backchannel.

2. There’ll be another movie about a slide show.

Or, if there isn’t a movie about a slide show… there might be a movie about slides. Or a celebrity will use slides to create a tipping point for their cause. You know, like Oprah or someone. Just sayin’.

3. Face-to-face engagement will trump mouse-to-mouse engagement.

People are human, and desire human connections. The ones who make people feel are the ones who will be heard. Logical arguments and web traffic aren’t enough anymore.

4. Remote presentation vendors will solve their technical limitations.

Gads, could it get any worse? It’s only up from here. Meaningful best practices for presenting in this medium will to emerge, too. ‘Cause it’s bad. Real bad.

And last but not least:

5. There’ll be a more broad understanding of how design thinking shapes business.

The picture below speaks for itself (that’s a real Facebook exchange with an old classmate from Hattiesburg, MS–the home of Tiger Wood’s recovery program).

Screenshot of a conversation on Facebook between Nancy and a colleague from Mississippi

Enjoy 2010, everybody!

Written by

Nancy Duarte

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