Infographic: Master virtual communication by honing soft skills

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Hayley Hawthorne, Ph.D.

Many organizations attempted a transition to online work during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health of staff and customers. While remote virtual communication technology helped keep businesses open, many workers struggled with communicating and collaborating at a distance.

After 18 months in the “new normal,” it’s safe to say the status quo for virtual communication soft skills isn’t good enough, and it’s leaving some members of the workforce fatigued and frustrated.

But improving online presentations doesn’t just happen. It requires intentional focus on developing the soft skills needed to master connecting with others and approaching communication from a position of empathy. The infographic below, along with Presenting Virtually, our newest book by Chief Strategy Officer, Patti Sanchez, and our recently released research report on the state of virtual communications & soft skills, provide a roadmap for improving the way you communicate, and present, online.

Presenting Virtually Infographic 2021 07 AM EAW


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Header image illustrated by Alexis Macias

Infographic illustrated by Aisling Doyle