Virtual communication for educators

Help students clearly understand what you’re communicating across the virtual divide.

Topics Covered: Virtual education, Virtual presentation

Jeff Davenport


Person speaking next to three bullet points about understanding, paying attention, and feeling seen.

Educating with impact in a virtual environment

Teaching in this virtual world is hard. You’re not in the same physical space as your students, you’re dealing with technological challenges, and you may not have even met some of your students in person yet.

Learning in this virtual world is hard, too. Students are having to stare at screens for hours on end, fighting distractions in home learning environments, while trying to push past the impersonal nature of virtual learning.

By taking some intentional steps to apply what you probably already naturally do as an in-person educator, to your virtual teaching environment, you can help students get past distractions, clearly understand what you’re communicating, and foster an active learning environment.

In this on-demand, free course for educators, you’ll get practical tips for communicating more powerfully in a virtual environment. You’ll learn how to:

  • Help students clearly understand what you’re communicating across the virtual divide
  • Engage students so it’s easy for them to pay attention to you, even when you’re not in-person
  • Enable students to be active learners, not passive ones, in a virtual environment

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