The new hybrid meeting

How do you ensure inclusion and collaboration for in-person and remote participants alike?

Doug Neff

Doug Neff

Sr. Director, Accelerator Lab™

Fundamentals for equitable and engaging hybrid meetings

Our new hybrid world has brought a lot of flexibility to the workplace. Yet, it’s also created new challenges.

Maybe you’re dialing in remotely and worried about missing valuable “water-cooler” conversations. Or maybe you’re leading a hybrid meeting in-person and are unsure how to connect with all audience members, whether in front of you or on screen.

To foster inclusive and productive hybrid workplaces, we must ensure all employees have a fair chance to collaborate. After all, hybrid isn’t going anywhere. According to our survey 79% of respondents believe the future of work will be hybrid.

During these two, 45-minute webinars, Duarte communication experts will share what they’ve learned while working with some of the world’s top brands about how to effectively communicate in hybrid settings. In these insightful sessions — designed for both attendees and facilitators.

You’ll learn how to

  • Plan meetings to ensure a collaborative environment for everyone
  • Set expectations and norms for equitable engagement
  • Determine whether your meeting should be virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Choose the right technology and tools for inclusive hybrid communication
  • Engage hybrid attendees with appropriate content, visuals, and delivery

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