The State of Communicating and Presenting Online

2021 Research Report

Many organizations attempted a transition to online work during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health of staff and customers. While remote communication technology helped keep businesses open, many workers struggled with communicating and collaborating at a distance. ​

After 18 months in the “new normal,” it’s safe ​to say user experience lagged far behind adoption, leaving some members of the workforce fatigued and frustrated.​

​In May 2021, Duarte launched a survey of business professionals to understand how presenting and communicating in a virtual or hybrid environment ​can be improved. We compiled the results of that survey in this research report.

This report provides insights into:

  • How virtual presentations are being used, and viewed, by professionals
  • What presenters can do to better connect with online audiences
  • Advantages and limitations of virtual presentations
  • What audiences need to connect with an online presenter
  • The skills presenters need to develop to succeed in a virtual world