How to “Talk Like TED” and other insights from Carmine Gallo

Nancy Duarte

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Nancy Duarte

When the book Talk Like TED hit the shelves, I was so mad that I hadn’t written it myself! But I couldn’t be happier that Carmine Gallo created a thoughtful, well-written piece that will help people improve their communications. Carmine Gallo started out as a journalist and worked for several major news outlets before becoming an author, speaker, and corporate trainer.

Carmine stopped by our office to chat with me about his new book, and a few other things as well. Watch the interview here, or read some of the highlights from our conversation below.

Find your passion

“You can’t inspire anyone else unless you’re truly inspired yourself.” Carmine dedicates a whole chapter in his book to passion. He’s a self-professed communications nerd, who admits he used to go to the law library to read Vital Speeches. (He was happy to learn that the magazine is still around!)

Tell compelling stories

After working in news, Carmine realized that the people who always got the repeat interviews, weren’t always the experts, but the ones who told better stories. They were better communicators. He’s worked with many executives who have amazing stories, but simply needed to learn how to tell them a more compelling way. He stated that stories accounted for 65% of the content in the best TED talks.

Be authentic

Carmine found that speakers who seemed to be having more fun also seemed to have more genuine talks. You can’t be someone you’re not, so the goal is to be the best presenter you can be. The more you rehearse, the more you internalize the content, which allows you to have more fun and be more authentic.

I’m still bummed I didn’t write the book, but I’m so glad Carmine did. Purchase the book for more great insights!

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