The dangers of combining PowerPoint® presentation slides

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We call them “Frankenslides.”

You know, the kinds of slide decks made up of bits and pieces of presentations. The kind where you borrow a slide from here, a chart from there, then throw everything into one big PowerPoint® file and present it to your staff. Those are Frankenslides.

You may think of Frankenslides as the slide deck to rule all slide decks… ‍♂️

But you can’t just mash together slides from a bunch of different presentations and think it’s going to be great. At minimum, you have to change all the fonts, colors, and images so that they match.

Check out the below video for our take on the dangers of Frankenslides.

Beware when attempting to resurrect old slides; they can turn your presentation into a nightmare.

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Illustrated by Aisling Doyle

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