Business profile: Duarte lives in the presentation

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Paula Tesch

Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal features Nancy and her work with Al Gore, Apple, Google, and CiscoHave you seen this week’s Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal? If so, you may have seen the Business Profile on Duarte Design! Exciting.

You can find a sneak preview of the article online, but to see the rest, you’ll need to subscribe, or go pick up an old fashioned paper copy.

If you do happen to get one of those paper copies, you can find the article in the Small Business Strategies section, on Page 15.

(And in case you’re wondering, Nancy is posing in front of our Weekly Whiteboard, where we pose questions and have (often very silly) discussions. Last week’s whiteboard was dedicated to our President, Dan Post. If you’ve met him, it’s easy to understand the Chuck Norris comparison. He’s a great guy, but watch out, ’cause he’s got a mean roundhouse kick!)

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