A day in the life of a Mighty Killer

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Dave Nguyen

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen a photo or two from these guys.

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the Mighty Killers, to create our first Duarte One-Shot. This is the first installment of a new series in which we focus our lens on artists in the creative community — diving into who they are, what they do, and why we love their story.

Mighty Killers explore

Marvin King, Nikk La, Sam Graves, Salt Nuon and Moe Tang.

These are the magicians behind this incredible collective of photographers. They all come from different backgrounds and experiences, but their passion for art, fashion, design, and photography have brought them together to establish one of this year’s fastest growing Instagram accounts.

Mighty Killers have worked with several brands, gathered thousands of followers, and created the hashtag #MKEXPLORE to inspire others in their search for the perfect shot.  This collective has traveled the globe — from solo explorations in the depths of Chongqing, China to group meet-ups in the Pacific Northwest — sharing the journey with the world through a series of epic photos.

Photographers "Mighty Killers" explore grassland with body of ocean in front of them

During our day with the Mighty Killers — and I mean a full day, sunrise to sunset — we got an inside look into how they come together for a photography shoot. Our team of Duartians worked with Marvin, Nikk, Sam, Salt, and Moe to find that perfect shot.

Our crews started off in different parts of the Bay Area, coordinating over text and Instagram to gather photography gear, scout locations, and invite other aspiring photographers to join us — after paying our dues in San Francisco traffic, of course.

Collaborating with these guys was an inspiration. They came together to share their passion for photography and, through the use of social media, inspired a legion of followers to capture and share their own “it” moments. They’ve inspired us, both online and in person, to pursue our own passions — and invite others along for the ride.

Photographers "Mighty Killers" prepare for an outdoor photoshoot with Duarte

Enjoy our first Duarte One-Shot and see what it takes to be a Mighty Killer.