Communication training for the world’s best communicators

Industry type: Marketing and advertising

A global advertising company arrived at Duarte seeking a training partner that could help them elevate their client pitches. A custom learning journey equipped learners with the skills and confidence necessary to build compelling stories and deliver effective presentations.


The opportunity

In a highly competitive landscape, the sales team at a Global 500 advertising company was struggling to communicate their ideas with clarity, getting bogged down with facts and figures rather than telling a compelling story.

How we helped

Over the course of a year, this company ran a program in partnership with Duarte to deliver training to those who regularly oversee business development and those who work on large pitches and presentations to new clients.

How we changed the world

There is a unique frustration experienced when you can’t clearly communicate your ideas. Through Duarte’s training, we helped improve business development by empowering its team to communicate ideas with clarity and power.


Train the business development team of a global advertising company to pitch ideas with clarity.


A customized learning journey through Duarte Academy.


An equipped business development team and an improved bottom line.

Knowing how to solve communication challenges is a challenge itself

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