Helping a Fortune 500 finance company connect with story

Duarte facilitator leading a training for a client group of finance employees.
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Project background

To develop deeper connections with its customer base, a Fortune 500 financial platform needed to tailor their messages to the needs of each customer. Duarte gave them the tools and skills to do so.



The big challenge

Revolutionizing financial messaging

The marketing team at a world-renowned financial platform puts a high value on empathetic, audience focused messaging. But the team realized the mechanics of delivering the right message to the right person was beyond their skillset and their current materials didn’t reflect their value of customer centricity.

Transforming financial platform marketing with empathetic messaging

Our client turned to us for help and we determined a custom-built learning journey would solve their needs. The selected training would teach the business development team to become more empathetic communicators by equipping them with the skills needs to create more customer-centric messaging.

Our process

Because every customer is unique, no single training solution was a perfect fit. Duarte decided to meet the team, and their customers, where they were at by creating a custom learning journey comprised of three different trainings: Duarte DataStory®, Resonate®, and Captivate™.

Our insights

Data is the default language of a financial company, but finding meaning in the numbers and using those insights to make clear recommendations was still a challenge for their analysts.

Our approach

Duarte DataStory® gave them the skills to bring their data, and the insights it contained, to life. Resonate® helped them weave storytelling into their presentations. And Captivate™ taught them to become more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speakers.

The results

How we changed the world

Our client’s financial platform serves 100 million people every year – 90% of whom say their stress levels are impacted by finances. Working with Duarte, our client now has the tools to empathetically communicate with each customer, reducing stress by empowering them to make confident financial decisions.

“Captivate should be required for anyone who wants to give a presentation in the future. Your audience will thank you!”

“If you plan on crafting ideas that make a significant impact on your life and organization, Resonate is for you!“

“The content delivered in the DataStory workshop is something you’ll genuinely find yourself getting value from every day in your career.”