Leading virtual meetings

As the leader of a virtual meeting, you have an important responsibility. Here are some techniques we use to make our virtual meetings run smoothly.

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Maegan Stephens

Senior Director, Communication Services

Enable your virtual meetings to run smoothly

Leading effective meetings is hard enough; and suddenly, we all have to be just as effective without the benefits of meeting in person.

That means connecting with people, delivering a point of view, facilitating discussion, and charging toward a new action or result by the end of your meeting—all while dealing with poor video/audio connections, home distractions, and the pressures of this moment.

At Duarte, we’ve also found ourselves in back-to-back virtual meetings throughout the day. Yet, as a communication company, we owe our clients and customers the best experience, even in today’s virtual world!

In this on-demand webinar, we share the techniques we use to make our virtual meetings run smoothly.

You’ll learn:

  • How to lead with empathy and make a personal connection
  • Why you should shorten your default meeting times
  • How to set the stage for virtual collaboration
  • Why you need to set manageable goals for your meetings

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