VisualStory® workshop overview

Analyze your audience and organize your ​ideas into a story structure that will move them. Transform content into visual concepts and build a storyboard for your presentation. ​

For those who have tried to build compelling presentations, you know it’s not an easy feat. Maybe your mind goes blank when you sit down to generate ideas. Or maybe you struggle to organize fragmented thoughts into a cohesive message. Either way, you’re tired of seeing your presentations fall flat. So, if you want to get better at persuasive visual communication, where do you start?

The most persuasive presentations in the world today combine story with visual design. The VisualStory® workshop gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of both narrative and visuals in a consolidated format. This interactive workshop is built on the principles in Nancy Duarte’s best-selling books, Slide:ology® and Resonate®.

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