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What if you sliced data and found a huge problem or opportunity? Data did its job, but now it needs a storyteller. How insights are communicated could reverse or increase the trajectory of data. The actions you ask others to take today changes your future data. But getting others to move forward with those actions only happens when someone communicates well. As you grow in your career, you can become a strategic advisor and ultimately a leader using data to shape a future where humanity and organizations flourish.

DataStory is for you if…

  • You are in a role that uses data to make decisions
  • You communicate findings from data
  • You are ready to move up in your career
  • You want your recommendations approved
  • You wish you understood an executive’s priorities
  • You think insights from story are important in communication

Almost every role today uses data for decision-making. This book is not about visualizing data, there are plenty of books covering that. Instead, you’ll learn how to transform numbers into persuasive narratives to drive action.

In DataStory you’ll learn to:

  • Explain data through the lens of empathy
  • Spark action through story structures
  • Craft recommendations that get approved
  • Write clear observations of charts and annotate them
  • Structure and layout a Slidedoc
  • Inspire others with data that sticks


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Free book and professionally built templates you can modify to fit your brand.

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Annotation Kit

Examples and graphics for overlaying 
visual annotations onto a chart.

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Recommendation Tree

If your recommendation is on the tactical side, use this simple format.

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Animated Charts

Clever animated examples of charts for you to download and deconstruct.

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Apply DataStory in This Workshop

Almost every job today involves decision-making with data. Once you’ve formed a point of view about the problem or opportunity your data uncovered, communicating the findings well speeds up decision-making, moves others to action and yes, advances your career. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply story structures to data, build a recommendation as a Slidedoc, and attach meaning to data so it sticks.

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Technology creates an unprecedented velocity of data today. Communicating data in the form of a story infuses it with meaning and meaning drives action.”
Dr. Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor,  Stanford Graduate School of Business
In an age where we are overwhelmed with data, telling a compelling data story is hard. What Duarte has done beautifully is help us connect with an audience on a much more meaningful level. It’s a must-read for business storytellers everywhere who want to make a difference in their work.”
Jeremy Waite, Chief Customer Officer at IBM iX

Meet the Author

Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte’s firm, Duarte, Inc., has created some of the most important presentations in the world since 1988. As the preeminent storytellers of the Silicon Valley, her firm has served almost 200 of the Fortune 500 companies in shaping communication strategies, presentation narratives, memorable visuals, and impactful delivery. For DataStory, Duarte culled through thousands of data slides from her clients in consumer, technology, finance, and healthcare industries. This book covers the findings in the language structure used by the greatest brands in the world.

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