Infographic: The anatomy of a skilled speaker

Nicole Lowenbraun

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Nicole Lowenbraun

Communicating and presenting on-stage and within virtual environments can be challenging.  Virtual communication, in particular, can be difficult. Speakers must alter their content and delivery in ways that are different from in-person communication to establish credibility and audience connection. This requires mind and whole-body and mind adjustments, as well as a fair amount of preparation and practice. In truth, even the most experienced speakers can find ways to improve public speaking skills and presentations.

How is your presentation delivery?  Take a minute to check yourself against our handy infographic:  The Anatomy of a Public Speaker, showing the most critical public speaking skills you’ll need to succeed.

Image: Skills of successful public speaker

Print out this infographic and check yourself against these top speaking skills  before you’re scheduled to speak, virtually or in-person, and use it to improve public speaking skills.

Are you making the most of your professional development opportunities as a public speaker at real-world and virtual events? . If the answer is “no,” consider engaging a Duarte speaker coach to help improve your presentation delivery skills.  Communication is a journey, after all.  A speaker coach can help you move beyond “muscling through” presentations, talks and public speaking engagements, and improve your presentation delivery and public speaking skills.  Working with a Duarte speaking and presentation coach, you can become a better public speaker and presenter, carry more impact and influence, and build your career!

For help with upcoming speaking opportunities, feel free to reach out.

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Infographic and header image illustrated by Alexis Macias

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