Got hit by stray bullets in the London underground

Nancy Duarte

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Nancy Duarte

Slides aren’t the only way to be inappropriately sideswiped by bullets. On my recent trip to London, this poster was plastered everywhere. Each station and subway car had this message from the helpful mayor:

Poster found in London: "Stay Cool in the heat"

First of all, it wasn’t hot at all. I had to wear three layers of clothing. But more importantly, the bullets had nothing to do with the heat anyway. The bullets fed the hype and fear about swine flu (which the media there is freakin’ out about):

Bullet points on the poster did not have anything to do with the overall message of "Stay Cool". The bullet points were aimed to bring up the Swine Flu

It’s important in advertising, as it is with slides, to make sure you’re communicating one clear message.The call-to-action to “keep cool” might as well have said to wear surgical masks too. Felt like a bait-and-switch campaign. Fail.