Get noticed in a noisy world

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Paula Tesch

Michael Hyatt will try to tell you he’s just like you and me. I’ve read his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and I can tell you he’s not. He’s an incredibly ambitious super-human with a Twitter following to which Lady Gaga would tip her (ridiculous) hat.

Good news, he was once one of us. Michael Hyatt has worked hard to build his platform over the past eight years, and has compiled insights from his most popular and effective blogs into a book designed to help people sell their ideas.

Michael Hyatt and his book "Platform Get Noticed In a Noisy World"

There are many books of its kind, but Michael Hyatt offers practical advice that stands out from the rest. I’ve chosen one insight from each section of the book that I found to be the most helpful:

  • Part 1: Start With Wow
    You’ve gotta start with a stellar product. The book won’t let you proceed without making sure you’ve got something to say or sell that will exceed your audience’s expectations. Some books are more than ready to help you start getting the word out, no matter what the word may be. Michael Hyatt is aiming for your long-term success.
  • Part 2: Prepare to Launch
    Get your plans out of your head and on paper. Seems simple, but writing down your goals is good for several reasons. Committing your goals to paper can help:

    • Clarify what you want
    • Motivate you to take action
    • Provide a filter for other opportunities
    • Overcome resistance
    • Enable you to see—and celebrate—your progress
  • Part 3: Build Your Home Base
    Be online, but not every line. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… new sites and services are being created every day, and you may feel pressure to join them all. Don’t. Find the outlet that makes the most sense for you, and stick to it. A reliable platform is built with care and consistency.
  • Part 4: Expand Your Reach
    Tribe-building is the new marketing. Duarte spent over 20 years gaining business solely through word of mouth. No marketing, save the announcements we sent about our Annual Pumpkin Contest. When times got tough, the phone kept ringing because we had a tribe of loyal supporters.
  • Part 5: Engage Your Tribe
    Keep your ear to the ground. Keep tabs on how you and your brand are being perceived, and don’t be afraid of feedback—good or bad. You rely on your audience, so listen to them and show them you value their opinion. When you make a mistake, admit it, and then fix it.

I especially connected with Chapter 7, “Wrap the Wow in Style,” because that’s Duarte’s forte. We strive to create “wow” moments for an array of industries and audiences, and we know just how important it is to make things look good. Both Michael Hyatt and Duarte know that looking good can mean something different for every audience. There were four main points I found especially relevant:

  • Know your audience. If you’re at all familiar with Duarte, you know this is our credo. But there’s a reason: it’s true. You’re the mentor, they are the hero. Be sure you are helping guide them on their journey.
  • Know your brand. Pay close attention to fonts, colors, patterns, and any elements that may help or dilute your brand. Pick a visual story, and stick to it.
  • Know your industry. The night before Nancy had to submit artwork for the cover of Resonate, we discovered the design looked incredibly similar to the cover of Seth Godin’s Tribes. How did we discover this? Read the next bullet point.
  • Ask your fans. Nancy posted a sneak peek of the Resonate book cover and received comments about the unmistakable similarity to Tribes. After countless comments and suggestions from our tribe, we had a new book cover design we felt sure was nothing like its competition. Check out Nancy’s blog about the experience here.

Platform offers advice everyone wishes they’d known at the beginning of their career, including Duarte. The book is a dream for people who are just getting started on their journey, and hoping to be heard.