Duarte Film Bites: Star Wars edition!

Written by

Johnny Rios

Once a month, a few of us at Duarte put on what we like to call “Duarte Film Bites”. It’s a curated event where we view inspiring movie shorts, pulling from a bank of videos that various employees want to share. With the new Star Wars movie coming out, we decided to follow that theme for this month’s Film Bites. In keeping with the theme, we created our very own short, and made Chewbacca our muse. This is the first of many film short collaborations among our designers, and we look forward to creating more “Duarte Specials” in the future. Check it out!

In addition to our own short film, we watched several films by other Star Wars fans. Enjoy these shorts!

Star Wars Uncut Teaser

Tie Fighter

Ben Burtt Featurette

Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

AT-AT Day Afternoon

Making-Of AT-AT Day Afternoon

Star Wars Toy Commercials (15mins)