• Improve your presentation
    skills at your own pace

    Duarte’s eCourse offers an entertaining, non-traditional
    approach to online learning that covers everything you
    need to develop and deliver a presentation.


We help our clients communicate more persuasively by applying our VisualStory™ methodology to presentations of all kinds. PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows, on-demand presentations, videos, multimedia, self-guided experiences, dynamic documents…and sometimes no slides at all.


When we make art, drink wine, speak up, boogie down, share thoughts, do shots, solve problems, laugh, cry, collaborate, celebrate, innovate, commiserate, and tell stories, we do it as a family. And all of that inspiration flows right back into our client work. Because great culture makes for great creative.


Set your ideas aloft with strategic consulting and creative services to help you plan, write, design, produce, and deliver persuasive presentations. Keep the momentum going with workshops that inspire your team to elevate and transform the way they communicate.

Case Study


Moments That Matter

For years, the PIRCH founders have been helping homeowners create moments that matter. But when they expanded their retail environment, they needed to tell their story on the digital screen in a retail environment. Duarte refined their message into a visual narrative on beautiful, customized touch screens that led customers through the store, informing them about PIRCH’s unique services and products and sparking their imaginations.



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