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Cisco, Qualcomm, Apple, VmWare, Salesforce, Snap, Inc., Adobe, Microsoft logos

Make communication your competitive advantage

Outperform competitors and increase employee productivity with The Duarte Method™. Our training is rooted in 35 years of communication research and global client expertise.

Create a better, more change-resilient team

Develop your team's ability to lead organizational transformation. Support employees through key transitions with clear, empathetic communication that ignites and inspires change.

Increase engagement and employee retention

Build communication skills and improve your business culture, employee engagement and performance. Research shows that companies with effective communication plans experience a 4.5x increase in employee retention.

Team training benefits


  • Establish a common language for faster decision-making
  • Build a unified, repeatable process for communication
  • Break down silos and to improve collaboration
  • Develop leaders who can drive and support change
  • Boost team culture and support employee retention
  • Create a lasting impression on customers and clients

Flexible ways to learn

In person

Visit Duarte or bring us to your site for team training and custom workshops.

Live online

Live classroom instruction, discussion, and interaction, right from your desktop.

On demand

Learn on your own, with self-paced online courses that are right-sized for you!

Available courses

In person, live online, or on demand, Duarte courses and learning plans will empower your team.

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