Webinar: Top Delivery Struggles Speakers Face & How to Combat Them Expertly

Learn specific tools for better delivery.

Great content only moves people if it’s delivered well. Luckily, great public speaking is a skill anyone can learn.

Listen in as expert speaker coaches Doug Neff and Jeff Davenport discuss their experiences coaching speakers for over 21 years at Duarte.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the five biggest struggles speakers face and how to address them, including:

  1. Overcoming nervousness
  2. What to do with your hands
  3. Using a dynamic voice
  4. Connecting sentences and ideas
  5. Avoiding verbal fillers
Doug Neff 2021

Doug Neff, Director, Spark Consulting Services

Doug Neff is a facilitator, speaker coach, and speechwriter who helps Duarte's clients write and deliver compelling stories that move their audiences. A lifelong teacher, he gets really excited about helping people learn new skills and grow into their best selves.


Jeff Davenport, Speaker Coach and Content Developer

Jeff Davenport is a public speaker, speechwriter, and screenwriter. He currently works with Duarte’s clients as a content consultant and speaker coach. A recovering wallflower, Jeff loves helping the shy and timid find their voice so they can move an audience.