4 ways to prepare for a hostile audience

Preparing for a presentation that feels more like a fight? Build
confidence before you walk in the room with this free resource.

Have you ever walked into a presentation with a pit in your stomach because you know it’s going to be a fight?

While most people know what it’s like to experience nerves, there’s a unique feeling that accompanies a presentation in front of a potentially hostile audience: Anticipating their pushback. Preemptively searching for the right answers. Studying their facial expressions for any positive affirmation.

Presenting in front of a hostile audience takes a toll on you as a speaker. But what if there was a way to prepare for a hostile audience so you could walk confidently into the room, knowing you’ve done everything in your power to rise to the occasion? We’ve got you covered!

This free tool will help you:

  • Identify what motivates your audience
  • Reframe the questions your audience may ask by anticipating objections
  • Develop a checklist for each presentation so you can feel confident about your preparation

Download 4 ways to prepare for a hostile audience