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Nancy Duarte

I’m so excited to release a free multimedia version of my book Resonate. As the first author to release a business book on interactive platforms, I’m hoping to change the way readers experience content.

I understand the media conundrum authors are facing: visual books are extremely popular, but publishers haven’t figured out how to turn them into compelling digital experiences. I found that there wasn’t one single distribution platform that works on desktop and devices that’s easy to build in or to use. We’re in an era when publishers need to become their own agencies, and agencies need to be publishers. I believe so deeply in presenting content in a way that’s customized to the reader that I decided to offer this version of Resonate free of charge.

The multimedia version includes immersive video, beautiful graphics, audio, quizzes and interactive widgets that let you interact with the analysis of famous speeches.

My hope is that as you dig in and get caught up in the power of story, you’ll be changed like I was when I wrote it.


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Watch an interview with me about the release:

Duarte video: Why Nancy Duarte gives away her best-selling book Resonate


Learn more about the unique features of the multimedia version of Resonate:

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