We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

By Paula Tesch

If you’re at all familiar with Duarte, you know we’re more fun than the average bear. And bears are a pretty good time. Take Yogi for example. When he’s not stealing your lunch, that guy is a hoot.

But I digress.
Duarte is fun.

Case in point, last week marked Duarte’s 4th Annual Spirit Week. This year’s theme: Summer Through the Ages. Every day, we paid homage to a different era, by dressing up and doing an activity appropriate to the time period. We ended with week with a (dress-down) day at the park, complete with good eats, cold drinks, and a Spirit Week Relay Race.

Check out the photos below, and hearken back to the good (and maybe not-so-good) ol’ days.


Duarte employees pose for a picture in their 80's theme outfit for 80's day
Women at Duarte jump for a picture in their 80's themed outfits
Jump (For My Love)
Employee photos from the 80's posted on the wall at the Duarte office
Babies of the ’80s


Duarte team poses for a picture in their 70's outfits
Duartians, diggin’ it.
Duarte employee painting an owl on a rock
Our pets rock.
Duarte employee painting a design on a rock
A paisley pet.
Employee 70's inspired portrait
Sleaziest frame salesman this side of the Mississippi.


Duarte team poses for a picture in their 60's outfits
Mad Men are standing, hippies are sitting in.
Duarte team poses for a picture in their 60's outfits as Mad Men
Mad Men & a madman.
Duarte team outside playing music together on the lawn
Jam sesh.


Duarte team poses for a picture in their 50's outfits
Too cool for school. Or work.
"Grease" inspired photo of Duarte employees dressed as greasers
Wanna rumble?


Duarte picnic activity; relay with a cup of water on their head
Relay Activity # 1 – Water Cup Fill ‘er up
Duarte employees filling water inside a cup on top of another employees head
Spoonful by lovin’ spoonful.
Duarte employee pouring water in a bucket
Nothin’ but bucket.
Duarte employees solving a picture puzzle
Relay Activity # 2 – Picture Puzzle
Duarte employee running in the relay race
They don’t call it a relay RACE for nothin’.
Duarte employees lined up playing cornhole
Relay Activity #3 – Ahem, cornhole.
Winners of the Spirit Week Relay pose for a picture outside
Winners of the Spirit Week Relay! (And proud owners of the coveted rainbow giraffe trophy.)
The Duarte team poses for a photo together outside
The gang’s (almost) all here.

Big thanks to Mark, Nancy, and all my fellow Duartians for making Duarte such a spirited place to work.


Written by

Paula Tesch