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Commuting With Moths

Given my hour-long commute, my iPod is constantly loaded with audio books and podcasts, and I’ve learned over time (and at great personal risk) which ones have the power to engage and which have the power to put me to sleep. I was among the first subscribers to the TEDtalks podcast, for instance, and I […] continue reading


The Three-Second Test

The Magazine Publishers of America have released their finalists for best magazine cover of the year. [link via Kottke] In our information-rich, attention-deficit society, Nancy’s concept of “glance media” applies to an increasing amount of our daily experience. And it puts us in the role of “design judge” every time we choose one magazine over […] continue reading

Design Diary

Happiness is…Inspiration for a Palette

You can find inspiration for a template or color palette almost anywhere. I keep Charles Schultz’s little Happiness Is… at my desk because I think it’s “my” color palette. The book doesn’t follow “normal” book convention. The cover has no title, and the back and spine don’t have all the publisher’s required identification junk. The […] continue reading

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