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Slide Design

Presentation design

Bring polish and professionalism to your presentations by leveraging design principles

Work faster and save time using hidden tricks and features

Improve visual communication by designing slides that direct the audience’s attention

Reduce the stress and frustration that comes from combining existing decks, or starting from scratch


On-demand online


Document design

Persuade your audience, even when you’re not in the room, by combining powerful visuals and prose

Adapt live presentation slides into stunning leave-behinds that fully explain your message

Create magazine-like reading experiences, even if you’re not a designer

Access templates you can customize to match your brand’s look and feel


On-demand online

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Visual thinking for slides

Think, speak, and work like a designer

Identify the characteristics of a great slide in your own or others’ presentations

Apply expert design theory when sketching your slide layouts

Use S.P.A.C.E.™ methodology to overcome common slide design challenges


Live online


Story structure for presentations

Analyze your audience so you can deliver value, even when they resist

Clarify the core of your idea

Create supporting content with the story structure used by history's greatest communicators

Distill and communicate complex ideas with clarity


Live online
On-demand online

Duarte DataStory®

Storytelling using data

Present data as a recommendation that motivates clients and stakeholders to act

Use storytelling techniques to present data that decision makers can easily approve

Institute a common “data language” and methodology to increase decision-making speed across your organization


Live online

Speaker Coaching

Personalized speaker coaching

Create audience-centered messaging, improve storytelling structure, and find compelling contrast to make your ideas stick

Become a more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker

Leverage your speaking strengths, identify areas of improvement, set specific goals, and apply the proven Duarte Method™ to guarantee long-term success

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Live online


Public speaking

Increase your confidence in every speaking setting, from meetings to keynotes

Persuade others not just by what you say, but how you say it

Leverage your personality and presence to create a memorable impression

Track your own progress through built-in practice sessions


Live online


Narrative design for presentations

Analyze your audience before you’ve written a word

Discover the story structure used by history’s greatest communicators

Identify characteristics of great slides

Start thinking like a designer


Live online

Presentation Principles

Presentation basics

Discover the best practices for visually displaying messages

Become a dynamic, comfortable, and empathetic speaker

Understand the context of your communication and work within
a story framework


On-demand online

Presenting Virtually

Virtual communication

Master the art of presenting online

Communicate and connect with remote audiences

Increase your reach and influence

Inspire virtual audiences to action


On-demand online

What people are saying

“This session is a must have for any individual, group, or business that is looking to transform their presentation effectiveness. The content is relevant, timely, and impactful.”

Harmon S., Field Agent Sales Manager | VisualStory® learner

“I found the material profoundly impactful on a personal level, as in, I plan to utilize it immediately. It is actually going down as my favorite workshop.”

Adaptive Listening™ learner

“Excellent, once again. No​ previous course I have​ attended has had this​ level of comprehension​ and education on media​ and the use of slides.”

Presentation Principles learner

“I thought the course was great! The information was good and the production quality was top notch. The Duarte team that presented all had unique styles, and I learned a lot just by focusing on how they presented. Since the course had a lot of information, I plan on re-watching it every now and then to sharpen up my skills.”

Clay S., Technical Sales Representative | Presenting Virtually™ learner

“Easily the best presentation skills session I have attended. It made the uncomfortable topics around presenting feel super comfortable. Professional live coaching that enabled instant improvements and takeaways. Highly recommended.”

Kobi E., Director – Product Development | Captivate™ learner

“I can honestly say this was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had in a long time and I have a lot more confidence about speaking thanks to you.“

Vice President | Personalized Speaker Coaching

“The highly curated, thoughtfully packaged, action-oriented training materials and approach have super-charged my slide creation (and improvement) skills. I can now take ANY slide and critically analyze it for what can be removed, what should be added, how to make it memorable and ensure it makes a strong point.”

Leah R. UX Research Manager | Slide:ology® learner

“Loved it! Good structure, digestible pieces of content, lots of tips and tricks. I especially loved the case studies and the wrap up at the end of each section.”

Slidedocs® learner

“All the secrets I’ve been looking for from great designers for years! I feel empowered now to create beautiful, impactful PowerPoint® slides, without hours of pain or hard work!”​

Manager | Slide Design™ learner

“If your organization has good data and your team want to transform the data into action, I highly recommend this workshop. For those who would like to customize their story as per their audience in a more simple and powerful way, this is the one. The methods and approach taught are simply mind-blowing. I loved this workshop.”

Velkumar B., Director – Head of Global Indirect Procurement Operations | Duarte DataStory® learner

“Without a doubt one of the most engaging and useful workshops I have ever done – this is definitely in the 10% of workshops where I came out of it with clear and actionable insights that will directly impact my work.”

Andy W., Global Program Manager | Resonate® learner

“The latest in the top-notch ​line-up of Duarte workshops, this content will make any leader, change practitioner, ​or budding storyteller better ​at their craft. Applying the learnings in this session will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and student of humanity.”​

Amy H., Chief of Staff – Human Resources | Illuminate™ learner

“Every person, every company, every industry – globally, could benefit from Adaptive Listening™.”

Jane | Adaptive Listening™ learner

Adding story to your DNA

Storytelling is an often overlooked skill at finance companies. When a Fortune 500 financial services platform realized they needed to connect to their customers, they looked to Duarte to teach them the power of storytelling.

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