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Master Virtual Communication by Honing Soft Skills [Infographic]

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Many organizations attempted a transition to online work during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the health of staff and customers. While remote communication technology helped keep businesses open, many workers struggled with communicating and collaborating at a distance. After 18 months in the “new normal,” it’s safe to say the status quo for virtual communication […] continue reading

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Are You Prepared for the New World of Work? Hone Your Soft Skills Online

Are You Prepared for the New World of Work Hone Your Soft Skills Online

A skilled workforce is critical to business success and individual job security. As Amy Borsetti, Senior Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, put it: “skills are the new currency”. The uncertainty of the last few years has elevated the importance of soft skills. These are the tools necessary for positively interacting with others. They give people […] continue reading

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Lessons from Our Training Pivot: How Virtual Presentations Build Soft Skills and Connections

In Person To Virtual

Remember when everyone thought the pandemic shut-down was going to last a couple of weeks? We figured we’d catch up on our favorite shows, bake some loaves of bread, go on a few walks, then life would be back to normal. But then weeks turned into months. And months turned into…well, you know. For a […] continue reading

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