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As leading presentation consultants, our expertise lies in curating communication strategies for enterprise leaders. The process ensures presentations for keynotes, meetings, and events not only inspire action but also drive results through effective storytelling and visual communication.

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Win hearts and minds. Move people to action.

The spoken word is a powerful tool. When you’re in a room and a story resonates with the crowd, you can feel yourself changing and see it in the eyes of others.

Experience transformation in every interaction. Expert consultants work to elevate your potential in everything from intimate meetings to grand events, and in empowering leaders to energizing frontline sales teams.

Be prepared for any business presentation.

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Creating cohesive teams and compelling stories with top brands

We are at the forefront of communication consulting. We work with top US-based tech companies and world-renowned brands to help them communicate in a way that moves audiences.

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Top brands

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Align, engage, and rejuvenate

Discover how to unite diverse teams, captivate your audience, and reduce burnout with tailored solutions that enhance communication and drive effective collaboration.

Align teams

Understand the complexities of aligning diverse teams, tailor your messaging to bridge communication gaps, and focus on key points and structure to deliver impactful presentations.

Engage audiences

Designed to connect and mobilize interdisciplinary teams, this method ensures every internal presentation and sales presentation resonates with your audience and aligns with your strategy.

Combat burnout

Reduce burnout by streamlining communication processes, improve internal tools, and enhance team collaboration.

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Accelerator Lab™

Accelerate your ideas with a bonus learning track

Learn and apply the Duarte Method™ while engaging in a presentation consultation. You’ll work side-by-side with management consultants on a project, gaining quick traction on both narrative and visuals for your presentation. This track includes:

  • Discovery findings
  • Audience analysis
  • Slide deck template
  • Video recordings
  • With 9/10 rating and rave reviews, it’s hard to go wrong!

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Customer highlights from presentation consulting

Hear from the organizations who received a return on their investment.

“In twelve years of driving industry research, I’ve never had a more collaborative process nor been more impressed by the graphical uplift. The experience and results were fantastic.”

“Our folks are absolutely GIDDY to use the tools you and your team have built. Working with you all has really given us so much confidence in what we are presenting, internally and with educators.“

“Ms. Duarte’s advice helped [Mark Matson] communicate more persuasively with clients, and he credited her with helping him bring in $700 million in new money.”

“Our team is energized because of you as our creative partner.“

“Duarte’s presentation tips helped Propeller raise its first $100 million fund.“

“Duarte juggled a lot of keynotes across three events, and we appreciate everything you do. Thank you!”

Learn from the pros

Gain insight on effective presentation strategies

From developing presentation skills to designing PowerPoint presentations, we invite you to join the 200,000 people who leverage our extensive resource library.

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Harness the power of the Duarte Method™

All coursework and consulting programs leverage The Duarte Method™.

This method is a proven, research-backed framework that supports the development of empathy-first strategies, resonant messages, memorable stories, and distinctive visuals, tools, and templates that communicate with impact, align understanding, and drive results.

Learn about the Duarte Method™

This program goes beyond traditional management consulting, focusing on individual growth and team dynamics. Participants will engage in interactive workshops, personalized coaching sessions, and real-world scenario analyses.

The curriculum is tailored to nurture leadership qualities, enhance decision-making abilities, and refine presentation skills. By investing in this program, you’re not only upgrading the capabilities of your team but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation, essential for thriving in today’s fast-paced business environment.