Two years of research, forty-six words

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Paula Tesch

Nancy Duarte spent “two years working nights and weekends” writing Resonate, and Forbes’ Bruce Upbin managed to boil it down to forty-six words. Actually, I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.

The conclusions are: Don’t be too cerebral. Tell stories. Figure out what the audience cares about. Create common ground with them. Move back and forth between opposing ideas to create energy. Deliver facts but put them in context and make them shocking if possible. Find inspiration anywhere you can.

Yup, we couldn’t have said it better, or more concisely, ourselves.

Check out the whole article here. And please, please follow Bruce’s advice and watch the video of Ben Zander. It’s eighteen minutes of loveliness. Here, we’ll save you some time and repost it here, too.