Twitter took time to tackle

Nancy Duarte

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Nancy Duarte

This blog post is written in blocks of text each under 140 characters because that’s how #twitter works

When I first signed on with @oreillymedia, they had me work with a young social media gal and insisted I open a #twitter and #Facebook account

When I told them I’m busy, they said that @timoreilly uses #twitter on the toilet. Gads! I can’t use “I have no time” as an excuse

I was frustrated at first and didn’t understand the value of it but stuck with it and after about a month I was hooked

It’s like a news feed for me. I found interesting people to #follow and I enjoy reading what they are reading

Garr @presentationzen pointed me to where I twitter pics from my phone

Scott @ethos3 told me to get to manage the entire #twitter process

I thought I was competent, but I got a peek at @timoreilly ‘s new book #twitterbook
and it gave valuable context

The book used the phrase “ambient intimacy” to describe twitter’s effect. You get to know people well by observing what they do

I got a bit freaked out once when I was intro’d to a stranger and they said “hey, how was your chiropractic appointment today?”

I enjoy following other CEO’s and learning what they read and care about. Most are caring and have a very human twitter persona

My fettish #follow is @BOTeleprompter. It’s witty soundbits from the perspective of the hard drive that runs Obama’s teleprompter. Funny